I’ve been convicted these days about who I am as a person.

Not in the “I’m not good enough, woe is me”— but in the “I know I’m not good enough unless I know how good He is.” I’ve seen my daughters tantrums when I’ve had my own adult ones. I’ve heard her harsh words and realized they’ve come out of my mouth. I could play these over and over again in my head and relive allll the mom guilt in the world, or I can forgive myself and intentionally work on myself. What I’m giving my time to. Where I’m focusing.

When I’m focused on what the world tells me I need to do, I’m less focused on who I want to be and who He tells me I am. When that happens that trickles to my children. 

When I feel rushed and anxious— so do they.
When I feel inadequate and upset— so do they.
When I feel like I need to do more— so do they.

But when I choose to slow down and love— so do they.
When I choose to know I am enough and focus on that— so do they.
When I choose to know that I’ve done enough because He already has— so do they.

Although we will never be perfect, we can invite the One who is into our seconds, minutes, hours and watch the dynamic change.

The moment we decide we no longer need to DO, but BE, is the moment we start making a change in the world.